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bullet Brains Rule!

Cathy Stern

Trace the 8s

Beginner Pattern Blocks

Occupational therapists and developmental optometrists are logical collaborators when it comes to treating children with visual perception difficulties. Dr. Cathy Stern, OD, FCOVD, FCSO, FNORA, recently recognized as a leader in vision therapy by The Massachusetts Society of Optometrists, was the February 13th Therapro Saturday Seminar speaker. Her seminar, Brains Rule - Perceptual Learning to See Better and Learn Faster, covered a lot of ground! It was attended by over 50 participants, demonstrating the importance of this topic. In fact, Dr. Stern noted the staggering statistic that 70-90% of students with special education needs have vision issues, that may or may not be diagnosed. The goal of Dr. Stern's treatment is to help the child use visual skills to respond quickly and accurately to the environment. She explained that performance improves with practice, as the brain changes both structurally and functionally. The pieces fit together nicely when collaboration occurs between these two professions whose common goal is: successful school performance for all children. Dr. Stern has generously shared her PowerPoint slides (click here to view). In addition, be sure to take a look at YouTube clips from her presentation and learn more details from Filomena's blog on the seminar.

Karen Conrad Weihrauch, PhD, OTR/L

Details on all Therapro offerings can be found at www.therapro.com and our blog. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or contact us with any feedback or questions.

bullet Speaking of Visual Perception...


Sort & Match

Sort & Match

We have had many requests for innovative visual perception products. We'd like to introduce a couple of sensational new products we're sure you'll love as much as we do!

Take a look at a bestseller, Tangram. In addition to the 7 colorful plastic shapes of varied sizes, it has 70 double-sided example/solution cards! The activity can be graded from easy to difficult for children over the age of 5 years and adults. For those needing some clues to create the designs, use the solution side of the card.

Sort and Match, a magnetic matching game for ages 3 and up, provides a wonderful 3-dimensional experience for learning color and shape matching, sorting, sequencing, and pattern recognition. The 6 heavy-duty double-sided cards (some of which are magnetized) can be placed on the included stand for a vertical orientation. The child copies the design from the card onto the vertical surface with brightly colored plastic pieces, creating an object from parts. You can choose from two games: Truck Construction or Animal Train.

bullet Therapro's Saturday Seminar Series: Tip


add to calendar

add to calendar

Monica Wu
Our Saturday Seminar Series is very popular; this year's seminars have seen record attendance. (It certainly helps that we have great speakers!) We book speakers months in advance, and sometimes people forget who's coming up. Who thinks about March seminars in November? To that end, we've added a way to help you remember these events.

On every seminar page, we've added a button to add the event to your online calendar. If you use Google Calendar, click the Google Calendar button to add that specific seminar; if you use Outlook or Apple Calendar, click that button and you can choose which seminars in the series you'd like to add.

Remember: all attendees will receive CE credits and have the opportunity to shop in the Therapro warehouse with a 10% discount. All seminars are free.

bullet Sale Bin

Sale Bin

Browse through our Sale Bin for some great deals on discontinued or overstocked items. We update this frequently, so check back often!

Featured Product
Race the 8s
These large red marble mazes are great for eye tracking, motor planning, bilateral integration and midline crossing.
Race the 8s
Day and Night
A great perceptual activity! Copy the patterns shown on the enclosed cards with the colorful 9 wooden pieces.
Day and Night
Mighty Mind
Find the required shapes, then fit them together to build the required pattern. Improves problem solving, sorting, categorizing, spatial relations, and matching.
Mighty Mind
This is the sequel to our MightyMind. It is a play-alone activity kit that stimulates a child to explore and discover the fascinating way shapes go together to make delightful pictures and designs.
Hidden Difference Puzzle Cards
Use your super sleuth skills to discover the difference between the pictures. 8-1/2" x 9-1/4". Includes guide. 48 cards (12 sets of 4).
Hidden Difference Puzzle Cards
Saturday Seminars
All seminars are free, and are held Saturdays from 9-11 AM in our Showroom.

To check out what's coming up for our Saturday Seminar Series, just click on the News and Events Tab on our website. View past seminars and upcoming seminars, see speakers' descriptions of their seminars as well as their learning objectives. We hope that knowing what to expect from the seminar in advance will help you decide if it is one that you may wish to attend (or view on our YouTube channel).

Upcoming confirmed events:

March 12, 2016
I Can Work! Hands-on Ways to Build a Strong Pre-vocational Foundation for All Young Adults
Speaker: Angela Mahoney, M.Ed., creator of the I Can Work! Program

April 23, 2016
A Sensory Perspective on Helping Adolescents and Young Adults Learn to Deal with Difficult Emotions
Speaker: Karen Moore, OTR/L, author of the Sensory Connection Program

May 7, 2016
What Is Hippotherapy and Why It Is An Effective Treatment Strategy
Speaker: Monica Wu, MS, OTR/L HPCS

Always check our website for the newest updated information.
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